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Get Paid for Open Source Work on FuseSustain your work by getting financial support for your time or your project. Fix bugs or launch cool stuff, we are here to help.

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Fuse Builders Program 

The Fuse Builders Grant Program is designed to accelerate the growth of Fuse Network and its ecosystem by creating valuable new tools.


Apply for a grant today to bring your project to life!

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FuseDAO Grants

Fuse Grant Options

0 - 10.000



Tackle bounties and earn while you solve. From open security contests to UX/UI design and content creation.

10.000 - 50.000


Individual Projects

Are you an Entrepreneur with a great idea? Pitch your idea, start building, and earn while you go. 

50.000 - 100.000


Big Projects

Grant for existing companies and projects with a proven track-record. Want to launch on Fuse? Let's chat!




Specific and custom long-term projects that are aiming to build exclusively on Fuse Network. ​

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Fuse Grants

Fuse Grants will be used to support projects that bring value to the Fuse ecosystem and users.

The FuseDAO is especially interested in new high-potential payment-centric communities, DAO initiatives, applications for new crypto users, NFTs, DeFi apps, and new categories we haven't even thought of yet!

Grant Requirements

Projects will generally be selected based on the following criteria:

  • Strength of the team following analysis of GitHub, LinkedIn, etc.

  • Tech and product quality based on any work done so far and/or product roadmap vision.

  • Visibility. We are not supporting or granting to projects with anonymous founders. 


Grant Requirements