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Latest News


Tollan.io receives $30,000 to build Metaverse on Fuse.

Multichain metaverse project Tollan Worlds received a grant from FuseDAO to implement its platform on the Fuse Network blockchain. Fuse will also have a dedicated hub in the Tollan Multi-Metaverse.

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Allbridge cross-chain bridge receives $30,000.

FuseDAO, the Fuse Network community DAO, partner with Allbridge, providing a $30,000 grant to integrate the Fuse Network into the Allbridge Cross Chain Bridge DApp.

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FuseDAO has officially been launched. 

Leading payment and decentralized finance blockchain player, Fuse Network, announced the formation of FuseDAO, an independent, decentralized governance body tasked with promoting the growth of the Fuse ecosystem.

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$40,000 Grant Awarded to Fiberblock for Artrific.io NFT Marketplace

The Fuse Assembly voted unanimously to pass Fiberblock’s grant application to build the first NFT Marketplace on the Fuse Network.

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thefusebar.com — first NFT project on Fuse Network

Developed by an independent team working on Fuse, thefusebar.com allows users to buy FUSEL erc-721 tokens.

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The Fuse Assembly (FA) voted unanimously to support Node Pilot’s grant proposal, the very first grant proposal to be voted for on the Fuse Network.