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Building Open Source Projects on the Fuse Blockchain 


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Build the Open Web together on Fuse. Join the Fuse Ecosystem!

The Fuse Grants program provides support and funding to projects committed to supporting the Fuse ecosystem in becoming the premier mobile-optimized L1 blockchain ecosystem.


Get a grant for building open source economies on Fuse Network. #BUIDL 

Fuse Ecosystem

Build real-world solutions to help with crypto adoption. From DeFi to Web3 applications.

Join the Community

Team up with the Fuse community to discuss exciting open source projects or pitch your own.


Donate to FuseDAO for future project grants or donate directly to Fuse developers

Fuse Grant Projects


NFT Marketplace

The first NFT marketplace launched on Fuse Network. Users can mint, buy, sell, and bid on millions of NFTs.


Token Bridge

Allbridge is a leading provider of Cross-Chain bridging to EVM and non-EVM chains.


Yield Optimizing

Multi-Chain Yield Optimizer that allows its users to earn compound interest on their crypto holdings.


Crypto Wallet

A digital asset wallet that beginners can master in one minute. The wallet offers 45000+ crypto assets